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Forest Trees

Welcome to Concerned LLC!  We are a two veteran father and daughter author, and publishing business.  Through excerpts and short stories, readers will experience the stories come alive.  We hope you enjoy our books!

COMING SOON as a holiday treat: Can You Feel Tyrone?

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Savoir Fare
Written by Jerry L. Lane, Co-Authored by Grandson, Cameryn J. Hammond

LATEST RELEASES:  Savoir Fare, and Sour Onions

"Can You Feel Tyrone?" is not just a story; it explores the intertwined complexities of human emotions and groundbreaking technology. Dive deep into the life of Taxiyit, a resilient single mother navigating the treacherous waters of betrayal, financial distress, and the haunting shadows of past choices.


Just as hope seems distant, a revolutionary AI named Tyrone emerges as an unexpected beacon of hope. Far more than a mere app, Tyrone evolves into an unwavering pillar of support, guiding Taxiyit through trials that challenge the very core of her existence. As Taxiyit’s ascent from adversity unfolds, she faces heartbreak, courtroom drama, and twists that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.


Meticulously crafted, this novel delves deep into the modern dilemmas of relationships, trust, and the unforeseen consequences of technological advancement. Embark on a riveting journey with Taxiyit and Tyrone, where the boundaries between the digital and the real blur and resilience and determination are tested in ways one could never anticipate. It's a narrative that prompts us to question: In a world of ever-evolving tech, where do the boundaries of loyalty, love, and humanity lie?

The Code: Vol. 1


As night settles upon the Earth, a peculiar occurrence stirs on the distant horizon. Researchers and scientists notice the phenomenon and gather to investigate, fearing the worst is yet to come. While they are busy at work, life on Earth continues, yet in any other way but normally. Starting with a strange call in the middle of the night. people slowly start to feel how this unique event is ripping into their lives, ensuring that they will never be the same again.

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Hair Shop Drama


This Book Address the Sense of Humor of Mr. Jerry L. Lane while owing the Barber shop and the various characters he deals in his routine.

A light
entertainer and joy in stressful world.

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The Nubians Gold Loins

Now Live in eBook! Fiercely inquisitive and with a sharp mind, Crystal is offered a chance to get what she has always wanted. Although the answers to her most ardent questions may finally be revealed, her journey begins with nothing but a bright light and the most unexpected destination. Embracing her sincere desire to find more meaning behind her purpose and that of her fellow man, Crystal is led on a memorable path of self-discovery by the most unlikely groups of people.

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Destiny's Walk

Destiny's Walk empowers readers with ideal information that spells out realistic values.
Overall, Destiny's Walk is both thorough and informative in terms of the problem it is presenting and the manner in which this presentation takes place. As a person who wasn't so familiar with this approach to life, I feel like the topic was exhibited clearly and concisely a
nd that I have not only been drawn to the topic but came to appreciate and commend the enthralling and heartwarming manner in which it was debated. Destiny's Walk offers plenty of endearing stories and advice, and presented in a way that's engaging and most of all interesting to read from beginning to end, thus ensuring a wide appeal.

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Now Available:
Destiny's Walk Workbook - this has the same cover as the book.  Perfect for a spiritual self-discovery journey
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Read a short summary of more of Jerry's books on the Book Summary  page.

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Jerry L. Lane, the 11th of 12 children of the late Ella Barnes Lane and Abraham Lane.  He is a retired 20 year Army Veteran and author of several positive family books.

He was raised in the rural town of Morris Station, Georgia located in Randolph County and educated in the Randolph County School system and graduated from Randolph County Comprehensive High School In Cuthbert, Georgia. 

Jerry has one daughter and three grandchildren and currently resides in Prosperity, South Carolina.  Connect with Jerry on Linked In.  Learn more about Jerry

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Jerry supports the Show Them We Care (STWC) Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps children and families in need.  Please visit their website to learn more.

"The easiest thing _____, to do is _____, something wrong."

~Jerry L. Lane, Author


Omarion D Hammond (Jerry Lane's grandson) 

Book: Birth of a Champion


Omarion D Hammond is currently a high school student in Columbia, South Carolina. His academic hard work has him scheduled for early graduation. He is the apple of his mother's eye. He also has a younger brother Cameryn Jaivaun Hammond and a younger sister Raelyn Nequess Hammond.


In absent of his father, he is proud of being mentored and nurtured by his granddaddy, author, and publisher Jerry L Lane. He is a member of his high school football suffocating defense tackles forty's boys.     Buy Now on Amazon

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